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Home Staging for Sale…Tips from the Good Fairy Organising Service

carolyn o'neill

Get the house ready with these tips before putting it on the market, so the photos show as much floor space as possible - after all, that floor space is what you are selling!

1. Decide who would want to buy your house - this is your "target market"!

Is it a family? What age would the children be? What age would the parents be?

Is it an older couple without children? Or who's children or friends may come for weekends and need a guest room?

Is it a young, professional couple or a single person?

2. Aim to make it presentable to that "target market."

Think: "how would they use this room?"

Then set the room up using the best furnishings you have to suit the purpose of the room?

3. Start thinking like you are moving out soon, so you may as well start packing!

It's ok to have boxes packed and stacked up in your garage.

4. Aim to make your home more neutral - so the new owners can see themselves living there.

Start packing all the things that are very personal to you:

  • all family photos

  • "collections" of things, nick-nacks etc

  • anything older than 20 years unless it's classy vintage or mid 20th century retro cool furniture and ornaments.

5. Try to replace large heavy, bulky furniture - especially chairs and sofas and bedroom furniture - with lighter slimmer items that show floor space underneath.

If you were thinking of downsizing or buying new furniture for your new home - then now could be a great time to start!

Good staging will sell your home faster and for a better price.

kind wishes from Carolyn O'Neill aka The Good Fairy! Let me know if I can help you in any way with staging your home for sale.  For a free quote, please contact: 

Carolyn O’Neill    021 029 77 572  

Good Fairy chill out zone at the Spring Home Show, Tauranga 14,15,16 October 2016

carolyn o'neill

Very happy to be staging the only! "chill out zone" at the Tauranga Spring Home Show this weekend. Come and relax or get organised at the Good Fairy site #B77 Fri/Sat/Sunday while you enjoy the Home Show and enter the draw for a voucher towards staging your (or a friend or family member's) home for sale OR for a home or office organising / spring clean clear out booking with The Good Fairy!

The Good Fairy home staging now includes paint touch ups

carolyn o'neill

Chipped paint is easily spotted by people looking to buy your home. It looks tatty and like work they may not be able/interested/have time or money to do themselves.

I can match the paint for your windowsills skirting boards and door frames and touch up paint around the house to enhance the look of your home easily when putting it on the market.

It's a reasonably quick fix to touch up the scrapes and scuffs on the woodwork around the interior of the house to make the home look more finished, like there's less perceived work for the buyer, adding value to your house.

You can choose to have either the quick fix paint job or the thorough sand, scrape and paint for a mint finish.

Free quotes available.